Point, Click, Get It!

When it comes to our fast paced world everything is being delivered.  With the development of smart phones, apps and fast internet connections, the world has taken the delivery business and jumped it into the twenty first century.  Most services now cover grocery, take-out food, and express pharmacy delivery.  I wonder what will come next.

Getting it delivered

With today’s technology we can get anything we want delivered.  It works by using a dedicated app based for the company involved.  You will go into the apple store and download the specific app there or for android users you can download it from the Google Play Store.

From the app you will create a free account.  They will ask some basic information about you such as your address, phone number and credit card or other payment information.  From there the app will use your zip code to determine what services are currently available for you in your area.

express pharmacy delivery

Using the services

Using these services are great.  Once you find the company you wish to order from you will simply go through their menu and click on the item and quantity you wish.  From there you will go through the checkout process.  Your credit card will then be charged and the information sent to the ordering system for that company. 

When received your order will be processed, a driver selected and then dispatched to your location.  On your phone you will see a map with the driver’s location and status.  When they arrive you will be notified and you can meet the driver.

This process is very simple and more and more companies are taking advantage of what they have to offer.  One of the greatest benefits I have found from these services is getting whatever I want from the comfort of my bed.